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The Best Brand Growth Strategies

It’s often said that if a company is stagnant, it’s dying. A lack of growth in business is a sign that it’s time to seek out strategies to reignite interest in your products and services, and reconnect with your ideal potential client. Understanding your target audience is a foundational brand growth strategy, and the most concrete way to ensure the success of your business. By staying ahead of trends in the marketplace and identifying the best brand growth strategies, you can pivot your business to capitalize on popular marketing and customer support methods. Line One Contact Centre's Canada is here to share the best brand growth strategies for businesses.

What is a Brand Growth Strategy?

A brand growth strategy is a plan of action for your business to follow to meet its goals for customer acquisition, consistent business growth, and long-term client retention. The purpose of a brand growth strategy is to create an agile method of identifying ways for your business to respond to the wants, needs, and feedback of potential clients. Brand growth strategies can include technical innovations, upgrades to customer support, an innovative and dynamic digital presence, business process improvement, and product and service development.

Top Brand Growth Strategies

Focus on the Customer Experience

It’s time to get personal. Customers want and expect a positive end-to-end experience whenever they interact with your business, so it’s essential to optimize each phase of their client journey. Omnichannel support across multiple platforms and bespoke customer and technical support ensures your customers can initiate contact with your business at any time.

Use Video Content for Brand Promotions

Businesses worldwide are quickly learning the power of short-form video content to promote their companies. As interest in social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram continues to surge, video marketing is a leading trend for business growth. Video content strategies allow your business to visually market in a fun and creative way. Consistent posting of videos and reels keeps your business offerings fresh and top-of-mind for potential customers. Examples of popular business videos include “behind the scenes”, “a day in the life”, or “how it’s made”.

Generate Interest with Influencer Marketing

Modern customers want to get to know the “face behind the brand”. For many businesses, the face is a founder, a current owner, or the CEO. In an effort to make brands feel more relatable to potential customers, many businesses are embracing influencer marketing. Influencers are essentially people who are popular on social media, who use and promote your products or services to their followers. The larger their subscriber count, the more visible your brand and business becomes. Using influencer marketing is an emerging trend in building customer loyalty and solidifying long-term business growth.

Embrace Social Responsibility

In our era of environmental change and social advocacy, customers across industries are concerned about the social impact of their purchases. People want to feel good about what they’re buying, so when companies put social responsibility at the forefront of their business practices, it makes customers feel confident that the business is trustworthy and community-minded. It also demonstrates a company vision and purpose that extends beyond just profits.

Are you ready to explore brand growth strategies that focus on the customer experience?

At Line One Contact Centre's Canada, we understand the importance of continual brand growth for the viability of your business. Through optimizing the customer experience and anticipating their needs for omnichannel support, we ensure that your team is well-positioned to respond in real-time to customer feedback and enquiries. For more information about how our brand growth strategies will benefit your business, contact us today!


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