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How Managed Services Benefit Your Business Growth

As your business growth accelerates, it’s the perfect time to outsource your managed services—and gain back time and resources to focus on your company’s strategic goals and operational management. Managed services, such as those offered by Line One Contact Centres, involve delegating your IT operations and customer service to a third-party provider. Managed services benefit your business growth by leveraging a team of experts to handle your technical support and customer services. At Line One, we understand the importance of outsourcing your support services. Here are a few ways managed services benefit your business growth.

Save Money

The greatest benefit for any company that outsources its managed services is tremendous cost savings. Maintaining an internal team of IT support and customer service representatives can be very expensive, particularly if your requirements are diverse and complex. When you take into account full-time technical and customer support staff salaries, benefits, training costs, and insurance coverage, the result is a huge operational expense. By outsourcing your managed services, you not only save money on staffing in-house agents, but you can also customize your support package based on the type and level of services you want to provide. As an added benefit, the level of service that you require has a consistent monthly cost—allowing you to budget effectively for those services as your business grows.

Increase Productivity

Hiring a managed service provider is an effective way to streamline productivity and increase operational efficiencies in your business’ technical services and customer support response. Since your IT services will be outsourced, any major updates or changes will be strategized and scheduled to minimize service interruptions, operational delays, or impacts on business continuity. As an added benefit, because managed service providers follow standard operating procedures and ITIL fundamentals, your technical and customer data is safeguarded so it can be recovered if there are network outages or other critical incidents. A managed service provider also gives you the opportunity to offer 24/7 support to your clients and have support requests funnelled to the appropriate agent to resolve during regular business hours.

Save Time

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a managed service provider is the time saved dealing with specific technical support and customer service issues. Integrating a managed services department within your company is a highly complex and resource-heavy undertaking. Unless you have the technical resources to support your IT infrastructure, it can be difficult to manage both the technical and regular business operations—leaving you with limited time to achieve your business’ core goals and overall corporate strategies. Hiring a managed service provider allows you to delegate technical support and customer services to the experts—while giving your business the technical infrastructure it needs to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of managed services?

As businesses worldwide adapt to changing customer behaviours and advancing technologies, it’s more important than ever for your business to leverage managed services to optimize the customer experience. With the influx of cybersecurity risks and advancements in technology, it’s becoming more expensive and risky to run IT departments internally. Contact us today to learn why Line One Contact Centres is a preferred managed IT partner.


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