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Want To Know What People Think Of Your Brand? Try Social Listening

Updated: May 8

If you’re a business looking to understand your customers’ motivations, concerns, and feedback about the products and services you provide, social listening is an ideal choice. With the influx of businesses using social media for marketing and inbound customer support, social listening is an opportunity to use real-world conversation as feedback to help your business improve its products, how services are delivered, and how it engages with customers at every stage of the customer experience.

Understanding Social Listening

If you have a robust web presence with a web site, social media pages on popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, conversations involving your business happen regularly in the comment sections of posts, images, and videos. When customers online speak of your business, they are essentially building a database of information your business can use to its benefit.

Benefits of Social Listening

Social listening is growing in popularity as a targeted way to gain unfiltered insight into customer sentiment. Here are a few of the primary benefits of social listening for your business:

  • Make customers feel heard and valued. Understand customer sentiment and make adjustments based on their specific needs through social listening. When your business makes improvements based on customer feedback, it enhances customer satisfaction. Not only do they benefit from product and service enhancements, but they view your business positively because they feel that their opinion is appreciated.

  • Gain insight into customer sentiment. Social media comments give you first-hand reviews directly from customers. Positive reviews give you insight into customer preferences and aspects of your business that are going well. Negative or critical reviews provide you with the constructive feedback to make improvements that will directly benefit your customers. Listening to exactly what customers are saying saves your business time and money because you can make targeted adjustments as they’re needed.

  • Efficiently manage public relations issues. Social listening provides immediate insight into what’s going well—and what’s going wrong with aspects of your business. When customers voice their opinions online in chat forums, comments sections, and other social media formats, it gives your business knowledge it can use to make swift adjustments to improve their overall customer experience. Watching for negative feedback can also give your business the opportunity to respond directly in a public forum and provide information to your followers or visitors to your social media pages.

How to Engage in Social Listening

Omnichannel support through Line One Contact Centres is an ideal way to practice social listening and gather valuable customer-centric data through:

  • Maintaining an active business presence and real-time engagement on social media platforms.

  • Actively engaging in the comments and feedback section of your business website.

  • Monitoring social media analytics to identify which online platforms your customers prefer and frequent most often.

  • Reviewing customer conversations related to your brand to learn their true sentiment.

  • Gathering data about competition and consumer trends in your industry.

Social listening is an innovative way to understand your customers while providing them with the best level of service possible. Line One Contact Centres provides businesses with the tools they need to actively listen to customer sentiment, mine data and identify trends, and provide timely resolution to customer issues, questions, and feedback.

Are you ready to leverage the benefits of social listening?

As customers embrace social media and express their opinions about your brand, business, products, and services online, Line One Contact Centres is ready to optimize that information. From responding quickly to critical incidents to gauging customer sentiment and adjusting service offerings accordingly, we keep your business and customers connected. Contact us today to learn more about our social listening solutions.


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