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Why It’s Essential to Offer Customers Omnichannel Support—Including Social Media

Updated: Apr 23

Whether your business has a physical storefront, online-only, or a combination of the two, it has never been more important for businesses to adopt omnichannel support for their customer service needs. With organizations and consumers favouring digital tools and technologies, omnichannel support allows you to provide an exceptional experience to existing and potential customers. Here are a few key reasons omnichannel support (including social media) is essential to the success of your business.

What is Omnichannel Support?

Omnichannel support is a unified way of supporting your customers across any platforms they use to purchase or learn about your products or services. From your business website, emails, and in-app chat to social media, live chat, and chatbots, omnichannel support allows you to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple platforms and devices.

Why Omnichannel Support is Essential

As more businesses worldwide pivot to provide more online services and customer behaviour adapts to favour more accessible digital communication options, omnichannel support is quickly becoming a crucial part of modern business practices—here’s why!

Consistent and Convenient Support

In today’s fast-based world, customers crave convenience. An omnichannel support solution allows your business to provide timely customer service in a way that is consistent across every support channel. Omnichannel support gives customers convenient access to support agents via mobile devices, apps, and social media platforms.

Customer-Focused Experience

Omnichannel support is all about the customer. With mobile devices and apps being the primary way they engage with your business, it’s beneficial for your business to have a unified view of your customer. Whether they connect through a chat app on your website, engage through a comment or feedback button on social media, or email your support agents directly, omnichannel support allows you to provide a customer-centric experience across all support channels.

Impactful Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Most new customers check online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Providing your customers with an exceptional omnichannel experience is your best marketing tool. Positive word of mouth, especially through reviews and comments on social media, can spread brand awareness and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

Unified Support Model

One of the major features of omnichannel support is the unified experience it gives customers. No one likes being bounced from one department to another—or being forced to convey the same issues to different agents on each interaction. Unified omnichannel support allows you to build a customer profile that details their client history and previous support tickets. This customer profile data can be shared and accessed by support agents in any of your channels—providing a seamless support experience for your customers.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Omnichannel support allows you to gather customer satisfaction data across multiple channels. This data can help boost customer experiences in the future and enable you to monitor support outcomes for performance and ticket resolution. Interactive Business Intelligence dashboards provide the metrics your business needs to analyze data, generate reports, and strive for continuous improvement.

Are You Ready to Embrace Omnichannel Support?

Through our experiences providing exceptional customer service for our clients, we understand the power of omnichannel support. From managed social media and help desk support to service desks and multi-channel contact centres, Line One Contact Centre has the tools you need to bring your customer experience to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our omnichannel support solutions.


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