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When to Outsource Your Social Media Strategy

Updated: Apr 23

As demand for businesses to adapt to the digital marketplace increases year over year, the desire for customers to engage with your business through social media channels is also growing. Social media is the most effective way for your business to connect with your target audience while building your brand awareness. But managing social media on multiple platforms is time consuming, and using digital marketing effectively is a specialized skill set. At Line One Contact Centres, we understand the benefits of hiring a contact centre to handle your social media strategy.

Here are a few tips to help you recognize when to outsource your social media strategy.

Overwhelmed Resources

Maintaining an active presence on social media is time consuming—especially when you interact with customers on several different platforms. From responding to customer questions and comments to creating memorable and informative content, planning and implementing a social media strategy can take resource hours away from your business operations—and cause an overwhelming workload for your staff. You should consider outsourcing your social media strategy if you notice that your resources don’t have enough time to complete their regular job duties on top of social media management.

Inexperienced In-House Staff

Being overwhelmed by the workload isn’t the only concern with having your social media strategy handled in-house—you also have to worry about inexperienced resources being responsible for the social media image of your business and brand. If your in-house team is inexperienced, they may not understand how to plan and organize your social media content strategy, respond professionally to customer questions and comments, or know how to use analytics and real-time metrics to adjust your social media presence in real-time. When you notice errors, miscommunication, or your brand being represented inappropriately by your in-house staff, it’s a good time to consider outsourcing your social media strategy.

Customers Demand 24/7 Support

When customers experience an issue or have a question about your products and services, they expect to be able to communicate with your business at their convenience. If your in-house team is only prepared to work typical office hours, it’s a good idea to consider an outsourced solution like Line One Contact Centres to manage your social media strategy. A 24/7 presence online will help improve customer sentiment, increase positive word of mouth, and build a consistent presence and brand image for your business.

Business Goals to Scale and Grow

For your business to be successful, it has to scale and grow. As you expand your business’ social media presence, your internal resources may not be prepared to handle the increased demand on their time. As social media interactions begin to scale—especially in instances when a post or announcement goes “viral”—your internal resources may not be able to provide a professional, timely, and brand-aware response to customer inquiries. When your presence on social media begins to scale, it’s important to have a defined social media strategy and a team of experts to manage your business’ online presence.

When internal resources are overwhelmed, inexperienced, or unable to provide 24/7 support, it's time to consider outsourcing. At Line One Contact Centres, we recognize the benefits of outsourcing your social media strategy. With our dedicated team of experts, your online presence is managed professionally and in alignment with your brand—while you time is better spent on core operations and expanding your business.

Ready to take your business social media to the next level?

Outsource your social media strategy to Line One Contact Centres, where our experienced team will manage your social media presence, engage with your target audience, and help your social media strategy as your business grows. For more information about our range of social media management services, contact us today!


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