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Save Time and Money With Contact Centre Advisory Services

Updated: Jan 23

There is no such thing as a business that can afford to lose time and money, especially not in today’s competitive market. On the flip side, smart companies that develop processes to save time and money have a leg up, often better equipped to withstand challenging events like global pandemics or market downturns.

That said, many businesses miss out on one of the easiest ways to save time and money: they don’t consult professionals. Not every company can have a highly skilled specialist in every aspect of business development. This is why, for example, outsourcing your contact centre can help your business grow.

If you’ve decided that a contact centre is right for your business, then the next step is to create one – one that ideally meets all your requirements and can grow with your company. The best way to do this is by using contact centre advisory services which can tailor-make the best possible solution.

And if you already have a contact centre, is it actually working for you? Here again, advisory services can help ensure you’re maximizing your investment.

How Contact Centre Advisory Services Save Time & Money

Contact centres can be complex, often requiring cloud enablement, services in multiple languages and across multiple platforms, highly trained agents, reporting and analysis, and more.

Especially given the necessary technical considerations, a contact centre needs to be planned and implemented carefully. This planning and implementation is best done by consultants who understand the materials, road maps, and documentation required.

Contact centres are often a critical investment, but they’re expensive. Working with an advisory services team means you don’t have to hire a full-time employee to develop a future-proof system that works, or to make improvements to your system.

For example, are you able to perform critical technical and infrastructure assessments in-house? Are you ready to transition to the cloud? Are you able to create complete CEM strategic plans and road maps? How about strategic planning in general? At Line One, we provide contact centre advisory services that can help in all these areas and more.

According to Chrystelle, Manager at Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer, “Line One Contact Centres Inc has always been a good partner to us — they’ve initiated wonderful ideas such as implementing dealer live chat and measuring our net promoter score through our transactional surveys. Their actions mainly lead to our company’s improvement, and that makes us pleased with their work ... their team complements us well by providing productive insights and studying the trends that can help us get better outcomes. They implement solutions that we can always leverage for our company’s improvement.” Read the full review here.

Contact Us for Contact Centre Advisory Services

With Line One, your advisory services team will first help you identify your contact centre requirements and come up with a clear set of deliverables. We’ll then work with you to get there. Our team of consultants have delivered over a hundred Customer Experience Management, Contact Centre, Unified Communication, and Health Services consulting engagements to clients across a broad spectrum of industries, especially those in finance, utilities and energy companies, government and public sectors, and post-secondary institutions.

We are proud of our industry leading 100% referral rate for our contact centre advisory services. To get a custom quote or simply learn how we can help you save time and money, please reach out.


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