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Taking Your Business To The Cloud? How Technical Advisory Services Can Make A Smooth Transition

It seems like everyone is moving to the ‘cloud’ these days. This makes sense, because operating from the cloud (ie, from internet-based applications instead of computer-based applications) offers many benefits.

In the long run, taking your business to the cloud can make many of your critical operations more affordable, easier to use, and more sustainable. But transitioning to the cloud can also be a difficult, complex process. For many companies, using technical advisory services will be the best way to ensure a smooth, successful migration to the cloud.

Let’s explore exactly how technical advisory services like those we offer at Line One can help make transitioning to the cloud easy and pain-free for your business.

Technical Advisory Services Offer Better Strategy

The best way to transition to the cloud is with a clear, concise plan that balances your current needs with your future goals. Too often, different people in an organization will get ‘sold’ on one type of cloud software or another, signing up without consulting IT. This can lead to a labyrinth of mix-and-match software that is unwieldy and unsustainable.

Remember, the point of moving to the cloud is to create more efficiencies. But moving to the cloud without a solid, vetted strategy can be just as likely to create headaches down the line. That’s why opting for strategic planning is often in your company’s best interest while transitioning.

Leverage More Experience

Even if you have an IT department, transitioning to the cloud may require know-how that is out of their realm of expertise. That’s because proper transitioning requires technical and infrastructure assessments, including Unified Communications (UC) and CEM plans and roadmaps.

And of course, many companies don’t have an IT department to begin with.

The reality is that cloud enablement, readiness and transition requires a specialized skill set that is best left to those with experience in the field.

Get Unbiased Advice

Like we mentioned, it seems like everywhere you turn today, people are talking about the cloud. With the amount of cloud-based software and applications, there’s an almost endless amount of options for companies to choose from.

The sky’s the limit, if you’ll ignore the mild pun, when it comes to your choices when transitioning to the cloud. But the sky’s also the limit on the marketing pitches these cloud-based companies will use to try to convince you to sign up for their services – whether you need them or not.

Again, if you are not intimately familiar with your specific requirements, it’s incredibly difficult to navigate your cloud-based choices. But when you use technical advisory services, you’ll be able to get unbiased, customized recommendations for the best options for your company – now, and well into the future.

Save Time & Money

Isn’t that what it’s all about? If you’re considering transitioning your business to the cloud, it’s probably because you want to save time and money. But starting this process without proper guidance can lead to costly, time-consuming mistakes and missteps.

Instead, when you have a technical advisor on your side, you’ve got someone on your side who will do the heavy lifting now, so that you don’t have to do more work later.

At Line One, we are proud of our industry leading 100% referral rate. We are also happy to provide industry specific references upon request, as well as to share sample scope of work details, deliverables and reports that are similar to your needs.

In short, our technical advisory services can help tailor-make a unique and personalized cloud transition for your company. To learn more, please get in touch.


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