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Is Using A Contact Centre Right For Your Business?

No one likes the experience of calling a company with a question or concern, only to press a few buttons and then be put on endless hold. That’s certainly not the experience you want customers to associate with your business.

Using an outsourced contact centre is a good choice for many businesses that offer customer support and/or deal with high touch, high volume customer demands. Whether they are looking to save money, stay flexible or grow quickly, contact centres can work hand-in-hand with businesses that need extra support.

Specifically, here are five types of businesses that can benefit from a contact centre:

Businesses On A Budget

One of the biggest advantages of using a contact centre is the cost savings they bring. Hiring, training and managing a full communications team takes time and money. Full time employees are expensive, requiring salary and benefits, along with other payroll and related tax costs. And the technology and infrastructure required to maintain an in-house contact centre will also be expensive.

That’s why working with the right contact centre is usually the most affordable option for most companies.

Generalized Services

If you offer a product of service that is highly specialized, you may struggle to find a contact centre that can provide the level of service and expertise you need. Contact centres tend to work better for companies that offer more generalized goods and services.

That said, even if your company occupies a tight niche, you can still use the services of a contact centre as a first line of service, reducing some of the burden on your own in-house staff.

Seasonal or Fluctuating

Staying flexible is important for all companies, and especially so for seasonal businesses or companies that often take on special projects. Increasing and reducing staff often is expensive and difficult, so this is where a contact centre can really shine. Since you’re not responsible for hiring, training and laying off staff directly, it’s much easier to be responsive to your real needs on-the-ground.

Contact centres can also make it much easier to plan ahead and budget for upcoming boom and bust cycles.

Rapidly Growing

The ability to save money while staying flexible makes contact centres good options for young or rapidly growing companies. Using a contact centre lets you focus time and resources on growth. Once you’re more established, you can reassess your needs, to see if an in-house solution might be better. But for most companies in the growth phase, outsourcing is the best choice.

Large Support Level Needed

The decision to hire a contact centre will often depend on the volume of support needed. If your customer inquiries are few and far between, staff members may be able to handle them without it having a big impact on their other duties.

But customers today expect to be able to reach you anytime, on any channel. If you need after hours phone support or need to field a high volume of support calls, then a call centre may be your best choice.

At Line One, we support small businesses who need simple emergency after-hours phone support, through to Fortune 500 enterprises demanding high touch, high volume, multi-channel contact centres. Learn more about our Contact Centre Services here.


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