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Companies That Benefit from Contact Centre Services

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

There’s never been more demand for contact centre services. Customers want to be able to reach customer service around the clock, on whatever platform they choose. But while just about every company requires good customer service, staffing your own contact centre can be expensive and unwieldy. That’s why many choose to outsource to contact centre services.

Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from contact centre services. If customer service is an important part of your business model (and it should be), then outsourcing this service may be right for you.

What Industries Benefit Most from Contact Centre Services?

In general, contact centre services make great choices for businesses that are on a budget, because staffing your own in-house contact centre team can quickly eat up resources.

This type of service is also a great choice for companies that offer more generalized goods and services. It also works well for seasonal or fluctuating companies, because it can make it much easier to plan ahead and budget for upcoming boom and bust cycles.

Specific Companies & Industries

At Line One, we specialize in customer service, which of course spans most business models and industry types. We really enjoying partnering with places that need more than a simple 1-800 number, such as large vehicle manufacturers and property rental enterprises.

In our experience, it’s places that require appointments and booking, along with quality customer service, that really benefit from contact centre services. Examples of such companies are:

Automotive or Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers

Companies in this industry need to be able to respond to customer calls and provide technical support, often in multiple languages.

According to one recreational vehicle manufacturer we’ve worked with, “our response rate has definitely increased because of their team’s work. That’s something that’s been keeping the engagement smooth-sailing for the past five years. Line One Contact Centres Inc has always been a good partner to us — they’ve initiated wonderful ideas such as implementing dealer live chat and measuring our net promoter score through our transactional surveys. Their actions mainly lead to our company’s improvement, and that makes us pleased with their work.”

Read the full review here.

Food Ordering

Don’t you just hate it when they get your food order wrong? Well, so do your customers! Using a contact centre service in this industry is a no-brainer.

Air Travel and Airplane Booking

People may be travelling less thanks to the pandemic, but there’s one constant in the travel industry: people hate (and we mean hate) waiting on hold for ages, only to end up speaking to a rude, disinterested representative who can’t help them. That’s why being able to quickly reach friendly and helpful customer support is make-or-break in this industry.

Medical Appointment Booking

Customer service in the medical sphere requires agents who are discreet, compassionate and readily available. Again, this is an industry that can really benefit from a highly trained contact centre service.

Apartment and Community Management

When it comes to people’s living arrangements and wellbeing, reliable service is a non-negotiable. Using a contact centre service like Line One for these types of industries usually makes sense.

For example, we work with PACE Independent Living, which provides support services to people with disabilities. According to PACE IL manager Radka Poliakova, “Line One’s services are critical to PACE’s operations, providing primarily after hours emergency on call services and after hours scheduling support. Line One’s agents have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and professionalism in supporting PACE’s clients and staff.”

Read the full testimonial here.

Ultimately, our Interaction Management services let you support your customers while reducing your customer service costs. By outsourcing your contact centre service requirements with us, you receive a full end-to-end solution which includes staffing, supervision, contact centre technology, Quality Assurance practices, and full operational reporting. To learn more, please get in touch.


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