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5 Key Benefits of 24/7 Call Service

Updated: Apr 23

As businesses worldwide adapt to the growth of digital commerce, customer service trends are also evolving. In the global marketplace, customers expect timely support any time of day—a demand that greatly increases operational costs for businesses. With Line One Contact Centres, businesses can offset the cost of effective around-the-clock customer support while designing service packages to align with their budget and requirements. Here are our top 5 benefits of a 24/7 call service.

1. Build Brand Awareness and Customer Relationships

When customers reach out to your support representatives, they immediately form an impression of your business. When they have a seamless and positive experience—at a time that is convenient for them—you are building the relationship and fostering customer loyalty. As an added benefit, you’ll be creating brand awareness by being accessible to clients whenever they need it. It’s a key differentiator that sets your business apart from your competitors. Word-of-mouth testimonies and public reviews on various social media also raise brand awareness with prospective customers and solidify trust with your existing clientele.

2. Efficient Problem Solving

With a 24/7 call service, your business is able to accept customer inquiries any time of day—and work to solve their issues in real time. When customers call your business for support, they expect the agent to review their issue and work with them to come to a solution on their first call. If your support is only available during business hours, the customer will either have to call back another time to reach an agent, or someone from your office would need to return their call. The service delay can create a negative customer experience because it leaves them feeling like your business doesn’t value their issues, concerns, or time.

3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction Rates

An unsatisfied customer can have broad impacts on your business—not just in the potential loss of their patronage but also in the impact of their negative word-of-mouth. With the reach of social media across a variety of channels, a negative review or testimonial about their poor customer experience can prevent customers from selecting your business as the solution to their problem. By offering a 24/7 call service to your customers, they’ll appreciate the feeling of being valued and recognized by your business.

4. Consistent Customer Retention

Providing your customers with a consistent and reliable way to engage with your business is one of the most effective and reliable ways to retain them long-term. If you’ve ever changed brands or service providers after a poor customer service experience, you understand why it’s so important to maintain positive customer relationships. Long hold times, short support windows, unavailable agents, and poorly-trained call service agents can have negative impacts on the customer experience and overall retention rates. 24/7 call service allows your business to provide an optimal support experience while building lasting customer-centric relationships.

5. Provide Support to Customers Worldwide

More businesses than ever are expanding their e-commerce to include global customers. With customers living in a variety of different time zones, a reliable in-house call service can be cost-prohibitive to businesses of all sizes. Using a 24/7 call service, such as those provided by Line One Contact Centre, allows you to provide professional customer support to all clientele regardless of their physical location or time zone.

Now is the perfect time to optimize your call services with 24/7 support!

At Line One Contact Centres, we’re at the forefront of trends in the customer experience space. We understand the agile needs of customers and their expectations for live, consistent support—when and where they need it. Contact us today to discover how our 24/7 call services will benefit your business.


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