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What to Look for When Choosing a Call Centre Company

Updated: Apr 23

One of the most effective ways to set your business apart from your competition is by providing a superior customer experience. By partnering with a call centre company like Line One Contact Centres, your business will be able to combine support requests and customer service tasks into one unified solution. Choosing the right call centre company will enable your business to focus on customer satisfaction and retention—with more time and resources to attract new customers.

Here’s our quick guide for what to look for when choosing a call centre company.


As technology advances and more companies are moving both their business operations and call centre services to the cloud, security is more important than ever. No matter what type of business you run, you’ll be handling sensitive information—whether it’s financial information about your company or personal information about your customers. To ensure all business records and information are protected, it’s essential to ensure the call centre company you choose has robust cyber security measures in place—either in the cloud or on-premise at their location.


Other than security, the size of the call centre company is the most important factor to consider when hiring their services. As your business grows, expands, and scales, you need a service provider that has the resources and technical bandwidth necessary to meet your changing needs. Another consideration is whether the company is too large to suit your business at its current size. Often when there is a large gap between the size of a business and its service provider, it can result in a less personalized experience.


Hiring an established call centre company helps ensure that their staff can handle various types of support requests and will be well-trained to represent your business appropriately. Experienced call centre representatives will also be able to handle difficult customers, route issues to the best-suited support teams, and ensure a positive end-to-end customer interaction. Inexperienced teams can lead to poor customer experiences, frayed relationships, and lost business.


One of the main factors to consider when choosing a call centre service is where it’s located. With more customer support services than ever being off-shored to other countries, it’s essential that you make sure the company’s values—as well as the laws and regulations—align with your business. Overseas call centre services can have drawbacks that impact customer satisfaction, such as language barriers and unfamiliarity with regional tools or services.


While budget and affordability are always chief considerations when hiring vendor services, you really do get what you pay for. Going for the cheapest option rarely equates to quality, and you may find you spend much more money fixing errors or rebuilding relationships with clients than if you had gone for a more experienced—and more expensive—option. By choosing a call centre company that offers their services at a fair and competitive rate for the quality they deliver, you help ensure your business and customer base receive the service they deserve.

Are You Looking for the Right Call Centre Solution for Your Business?

Line One Contact Centre provides customer service and technical support solutions that allow your business to provide exceptional customer service. Our “first-contact” support model enables your business to accurately and efficiently manage customer support requests—with an emphasis on first-call resolution. For more information about our range of call centre services, contact ustoday!


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