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Case Study: How Line One Contact Centres Helped a Canadian Non-Profit


The Toronto-based non-profit, which offers community social services, partnered with Line One Contact Centres to receive outsourced call centre support. This case study highlights how Line One Contact Centres provided 24/7 customer support services, including emergency line management, customer request triage, and after-hours scheduling, which helped the non-profit achieve its customer service goals and maintain strong relationships with its partners and clients.


A community social service agency required overnight, weekend and additional days for call support and after-hours scheduling. Further, it was essential that scripts provided by the client were rigorously adhered to and that agents were trained to manage client communications in a highly competent manner.

Custom Solution Design

Line One Contact Centres tailored its customer support plan to the non-profit's unique needs, as assessed by the Line One team in consultation with the client. The non-profit's office manager explains that Line One's support extends to several different levels, and they have team lead contacts for frontline staff managers, “Line One Contact Centres Inc. serves two of our particular needs: our 24/7 emergency line and after-hours scheduling. Our business office hours are not 24/7, so they cover the line overnight, over the weekend, during days off, and so on. They’re a fully remote service.” They have a dedicated team assigned to the non-profit's account, but they can also access the entire call centre based on their needs.

Service and Tool Integration

Line One Contact Centres integrated with the non-profit's database to ensure consistency in accuracy in meeting goals and making it easy to communicate via Microsoft Teams, email, and phone. They created a portal for sharing information with staff and receiving changes and messages. The portal allows them to track and identify errors and measure performance, call resolution, and other metrics.

Situation-Specific Training

Line One Contact Centres trained its agents according to the non-profit's requirements. They were provided with verbatim scripts, examples, and scenarios to handle emergency calls, after-hours scheduling, and union conditions. The agents are trained to de-escalate challenging situations and provide calm and considerate interactions on every call. This is particularly important for this client as non-adherence to scripts and training could ultimately endanger the life of an individual. Agents are provided with comprehensive training to respond appropriately to client communications.

Ongoing Partnership

Line One Contact Centres offers flexibility, which allows the non-profit to choose the call centre support services it requires in the long term. The collaboration has been excellent, with a high level of communication between the teams. Line One Contact Centres has been responsive and provided solutions to meet this business’s needs. The manager at the non- profit provides insight into working with Line One Contact Centres, “it’s been a very good experience negotiating, communicating, and working with them. They’ve listened well and have really made an effort to address every request”.


Line One Contact Centres provided a customized solution that met the non-profit's unique business requirements, ensuring it received 24/7 customer support services. Line One Contact Centres' service and tool integration allowed for consistency in meeting accuracy goals, and their situation-specific training ensured agents were prepared to handle challenging situations. The ongoing partnership between Line One Contact Centres and the non-profit has been successful, demonstrating Line One Contact Centres' ability to provide support to organizations while maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners.

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