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How Our Call Centre Services Helped A Canadian Non-Profit

Updated: Apr 23

Contact centres are a proven way for businesses worldwide to improve their customers’ experiences. But did you know—call centre services are an effective way for non-profit organizations to manage their operations, technical services, and customer support 24/7?

At Line One Contact Centres, we have a diverse range of clientele, including a prominent Canadian non-profit. For nearly five years, our call centre services have helped them realize customer service goals, enhance operations, and maintain close relationships with partners and the people they serve. Keep reading to learn more about how our call centre services helped a Canadian non-profit—and how they can also benefit your organization.

Project Summary

Line One Contact Centres works with a Toronto-based non-profit and provides outsourced call centre support for their community social service agency. We provide 24/7 customer support services, including their emergency line, customer request triage, and after-hours scheduling. As their office manager describes:

“Line One Contact Centres Inc. serves two of our particular needs: our 24/7 emergency line and after-hours scheduling. Our business office hours are not 24/7, so they cover the line overnight, over the weekend, during days off, and so on. They’re a fully remote service.”

Designing a Custom Call Centre Solution

To ensure we provide the best possible service for the non-profit, our team assessed their current state to determine their required level of support. We then listened to their needs and customized their customer support plan based on their current operational requirements—and where they wanted to grow in the future. Their office manager notes:

“We collaborate with them at several different levels. We also have team lead contacts for managers of frontline staff.

We do have one or two people who are dedicated and assigned to our account, but we also have access to the entire call center. It’s at their discretion to assign the number of staff members that they need for us.”

Service and Tool Integration

To ensure Line One Contact Centre consistently meets our accuracy goals, our call centre support integrates with the non-profit’s database. Our integration also allows us to easily communicate with them via Microsoft Teams, email, and phone. As their office manager outlines:

“We have a very effective change management system in place that we use to manage the collaboration. [Line One] created a portal to share information with their staff and accept changes and messages. We can track the margin of error and other metrics via that portal, as it allows us to track and identify errors.”

This integration allows us to coordinate and implement changes—and allows the client to track performance, call resolution, and other metrics.

Situation-Specific Training

Like most non-profit organizations, our client has very specific requirements for how we interact with their patrons. As their office manager explains:

“We’ve provided Line One with almost verbatim scripts. Our emergency on-call policy needs to be followed rigorously because, without exaggeration, it could mean the difference between life or death. We’ve provided training, examples, and scenarios that their staff might face when answering calls. We’ve also provided a suggested script for after-hours scheduling situations, and they receive training in the scheduling rules and conditions set by unions.”

We take the time to ensure our support agents are trained to suit your requirements—and prepared to handle challenging or complex situations. Our agents are also familiar with de-escalation techniques to provide calm and considerate interactions on every call.

Ongoing Partnership

Our customized plans ensure you receive the level of support you need whenever you need it. Our flexibility allows you to select the call centre support services your organization requires—long term. As the non-profit’s office manager details:

“They’re very flexible. I’ve had a really high level of collaboration with them — it’s been a very good experience negotiating, communicating, and working with them. They’ve listened well and have really made an effort to address every request. We have a good mutual understanding.”

Learn more about our non-profit project.

Do You Need Call Centre Services for Your Non-profit Organization?

Line One Contact Centre provides integrated call centre services for non-profit organizations and other businesses. Our custom support solutions are designed to match your nonprofit's diverse needs while providing your clients and partners with the dedicated 24/7 support they need. Our support agents are trained to ensure your clients’ issues, incidents, and questions are managed with an emphasis on sensitivity, care, and compassion.


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