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How Businesses Benefit From Managed Social Media

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

With businesses reeling from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, strategic marketing initiatives are more important than ever. Over the last few years, businesses and users have changed their behaviours to adopt more of an online presence and increase their willingness to engage in e-commerce transactions. This influx of online traffic has resulted in an explosion in the use of various social media platforms—and presented an opportunity for businesses to leverage social media to benefit their bottom line.

What is Managed Social Media?

Managed social media is a way for your organization to monitor social media activity across multiple channels. Social media monitoring technology for your business enables you to:

  • Monitor your entire social footprint

  • Quickly respond to and manage critical social incidents

  • Modernize your business contact centre

  • Gather data necessary for engagement and conversion analysis

  • Maintain your brand's online image

  • Increase customer loyalty

How Businesses Can Benefit From Managed Social Media

Any business can benefit from the services of a contact centre and consistently-managed social media. The following are the key benefits of adopting managed social media services for your business:

  • Improved Client Experience: Omnichannel support of your social media platforms enables you to maintain direct communication with your customers online as they move from channel to channel. This allows your business to provide customers with a consistent communication format and more individualized customer service.

  • Monitor and Respond to Critical Social Incidents: Social media can be an excellent tool for marketing and branding, but the "commenting" functions require businesses to be diligent about monitoring comment activity and responding quickly to customer concerns and complaints. Consistent monitoring of your social media channels allows you to respond effectively and timely, while maintaining customer trust in your business and brand.

  • Innovative Client Experience: With constant changes to the digital landscape becoming the norm, people expect their online interactions to be cutting-edge. Managed social media uses innovative technologies to create a natural, simple, and seamless mode of communication. This improved client experience allows you to keep your current customers engaged while generating new interest in your products and services.

  • Seamless Customer Interaction: Managed social media provides a seamless customer interaction and allows you to consistently communicate your company’s brand, voice, and value across multiple channels. When customers purchase a product or service, they expect the experience to be positive—without any setbacks, errors, or confusion. Managed social media enables your business to provide customers with consistent interactions that are pleasurable, valuable, and trusted.

  • Returning Customers: If a customer receives sub-par service or was unable to communicate effectively with your organization, they would likely take their business elsewhere—and potentially spread their poor experience via social media or word-of-mouth. Managed social media allows you to provide a positive experience for customers that they will value, remember—and return to.

Line One Contact Centre offers social media monitoring services that enable businesses to effectively respond to and manage critical social incidents. Through collaboration with our business partners, our communication service solutions provide your business with essential engagement and conversion data that you can leverage to customize your social media marketing strategies. Contact us today for more information.


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