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The Data You Need To Be Collecting On Your Social Media

Updated: Jan 23

Chances are, if you’re a business owner, then you know you have to be on social media. Everyone’s on social media these days, so keeping a presence can help you maintain your brand’s image and increase customer loyalty. Adding social media messaging is also a great way to modernize your contact centre.

But even if you are on social media, there’s still a good chance you’re not maximizing it’s potential. That’s because most companies don’t collect the right metrics.

Let’s explore the data you need to be collecting on your social media, that you probably aren’t already. Having this type of information at your fingertips can be a game changer for your business.

About Managed Social Media

While providing support to customers over the phone is a critical aspect of many businesses, more and more companies are adding managed social media to these services.

The reality is that sometimes today’s customer wants to pick up the phone to call with a question or complaint. But just as often (if not more so), they want to send a direct message, using whatever social media platform they prefer. And that’s if you’re lucky – because customers are just as liable to take their complaints to Twitter to broadcast them to the world.

That’s where managed social media can play a role. It’s a form of business process outsourcing where an outside team monitors your social media and handles interactions with users. This can include social media monitoring, in which the team monitors all your brand mentions across every platform and responds to them accordingly. That way, even if you are criticized on Twitter, for example, you can still respond in real time.

Managed social media can also include knowledgeable agents who can respond to incoming questions and concerns from customers. It’s these customer interactions that companies that should be monitoring, although many don’t.

Keep reading to discover which of these metrics we collect for our clients.

Data You Should Be Collecting On Social Media

When we manage social media, we collect critical data that lets our clients know how long it takes us to respond to messages, how many times we have to interact with customers to solve issues, and how long it takes to resolve issues.

Specifically, you should be collecting:

#1: Average TAR – Time To Agent Response

If you have a call centre, then you want to know how long it takes for people to reach an agent on the phone. It’s no different when it comes to social media. Yes, in theory, when people email or message your company, they don’t need an immediate response. But it’s never good to leave any customer hanging for too long.

That’s why first and foremost, you should be keeping track of the average time to agent response, or ‘TAR.’

#2: Response Times

No doubt you’ve chatted online or texted before, so you know that online conversations are back-and-forth. It’s great if your agent responds to the first message quickly, but how about followups? Are customers left sitting on their thumbs once the conversation starts?

That’s why we also collect both the First Response Time, and the Subsequent Response Time for our agents. It gives us a more complete picture into where improvements can be made.

#3: Resolved At Level One

Again, you want to be collecting similar metrics for social media agents as you do for your call centre. This means that you’ll want to keep track of how well they’re able to resolve issues. What percentage of cases are resolved at level one?

#4: Cases Closed Under 24 Hours

Similarly, people expect quick fixes today, especially online. That’s why you should also keep track of your cases closed in less than a day.

According to Geoffrey Moore, “without big data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway.” On the other hand, measuring the right data can help you measure the ROI of your BPO. It can also help you make critical decisions about your team, including whether you need to give them more support or training, or whether you need to hire additional staff.

At Line One, we collect the most important data from your social media and share it in monthly reports that are easy to understand. Our in-depth focus on the finer details of your social media presence, including your social mentions, can help guide your brand growth in both the short and long-term. Reach out for a custom quote.


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