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Contact Centre Experts for  Enterprise Help Desk Services 

Line One Interaction Management provides high-quality, outsourced Contact Centre help desk services, specializing in the Tier 1 Enterprise Desktop Support. With extensive industry experience, knowledge, and expertise, your customers will receive best-in-class IT help desk customer service via Phone, Email, Web Chat, and Social Media.


Helping you support your business while reducing customer service costs with Help Desk Services


Line One Interaction Management provides a robust Contact Centre solution that operates utilizing industry best practices and has a high rate of success and customer satisfaction.


Customers utilizing Line One can realize cost savings while maintaining a best-in-breed Contact Centre for their business.


Line One has industry-specific knowledge and years of experience to help you better support your teams and reduce costs, through understanding of your business’s needs. 


By outsourcing your Contact Centre requirements to Line One, you receive a full end-to-end managed technical support service which includes, staffing, supervision, contact centre technology, knowledge management, service requests, Quality Assurance practices and full operational reporting. 


The Line One solution operates using an industry-leading Distributed Contact Centre model, allowing for rapid scaling of resources (both up and down) to meet demand with near real-time responsiveness.


Running on enterprise-grade, geo-redundant contact centre infrastructure in Tier-Ill Canadian-based data centres, you receive the benefits of industry-leading technology across all manner of customer contact methods - Phone, Email, Chat - for less than the cost of deploying the technology in-house.


With expertise in this industry, your contact centre will provide your teams with knowledgeable, friendly, and customer support which will allow your business to stand out from the crowded marketplace.


Your Outsourced Help Desk

Outsourcing your Contact Centre IT Help Desk helps you enhance your Customer's Experience while avoiding many of the costs associated with operating your contact centre in-house:

  • 60 to 70 percent of a contact centre's overhead is the cost of the agent labour force - with our remote support solution, these costs are reduced.

  • Contact Centres have an average attrition rate of 45% - while Line One maintains a rate of less than 20%

  • Replacement cost of agents range from 25 to 30 percent of a full-time salary plus benefits; these costs are absorbed by the Line One solution


Originating in technology support, Line One will provide you with significant benefits worth exploring. 


The Benefits of Line One’s Unique Virtual Model of Outsourced Help Desk Support Will Allow You To:

  • Leverage technology for greater flexibility to allow agents to work from anywhere

  • Overcome the performance limitations of a conventional contact centre

  • Supplement core contact centre operations

  • Consolidate or augment all types of call-handling scenarios

  • Help increase overall customer satisfaction and drive sales while increasing customer loyalty and retention

  • Significantly reduce costs associated with real estate, maintaining on-premise technology

  • Reduce response times


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with enterprise help desk services. 
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