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What Sets Line One Contact Centres Apart?

Updated: Apr 23

For business owners in all types of industries, an essential part of their success is ensuring a positive customer experience on every interaction. Whether you’re a small business that needs online customer service and social media monitoring, or a larger company with inbound technical support needs, Line One Contact Centres delivers results. With a range of customer support services and diverse experience working with companies of all sizes, we provide prompt response, professional service, and timely solutions.

Customized Approach

At Line One Contact Centres, we understand that each business has its own unique set of requirements and goals. We work closely with companies of all sizes to design bespoke solutions in line with their specific requests, objectives, and corporate values. Our experts take the time to understand your industry, business, and target customers to develop a tailor-made strategy that fosters long-term relationships through exceptional customer service.

Innovative Technology

As the marketplace becomes increasingly digital, it’s essential for companies to use technology to their advantage—not only to create an optimal customer experience, but to optimize their businesses overall. At Line One Contact Centres, we stay current with cutting-edge technology and design our solutions to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and support preferences. With our modern omni channel infrastructure, we utilize innovative cloud solutions, communication tools, and dynamic analytics platforms to deliver seamless customer support and transparent service delivery.

Experienced and Highly-Trained Agents

A major aspect of our business that sets Line One Contact Centres apart from other contact centres is the experience and expertise of our customer service and technical support agents. To ensure a high quality of service on every call, our agents are specifically trained to effectively represent your brand and provide timely solutions to issues, concerns, questions, and feedback about your business specifically. Through investment in continuous learning and development, our agents stay up-to-date with best practices and industry standards. Through training and practical experience, our agents have honed their soft-skills in empathy, understanding, and professionalism—traits that lead to high customer satisfaction rates and long-term retention.

Low Agent Turnover

Line One Contact Centres is noted for our high employee satisfaction—a major contributing factor to knowledge retention, training cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. Our turnover rate is less than 11% annually, compared to the industry average of 30-45% or higher. With experienced agents and supportive leadership, we bring our positive company culture to each customer support interaction–and represent your business and brand professionally.

Proactive Customer Engagement

With more than 25 years of providing exceptional customer experiences to businesses of all sizes, Line One Contact Centres (formerly Support Excellence Inc.) is known for its proactive approach to customer support. When businesses only provide reactive support—responding to client issues strictly as they happen instead of anticipating them—it can make the customer feel that your business doesn’t care about their satisfaction. With our proactive support model, agents can initiate conversations to gather feedback, learn from surveys, and identify potential efficiencies directly from customers—making them feel valued, heard, and understood.

Comprehensive Analytics

One of the most effective ways for businesses to make informed decisions is to utilize data gathered from customer interactions. Whether you glean data about customer sentiment from social media or use tools to monitor the value of your technical and customer support services, data analysis provides your business with key insights into your customers’ experiences. Working with Line One Contact Centres allows you to identify emerging trends, target growth opportunities, and track key performance indicators to optimize your customer support strategies.

Do you need an experienced team to manage your customer support?

Line One Contact Centres offers comprehensive customer support management that grows with your business. From business advisory services and help desk support to omnichannel call centre services and social media management, our team works with you to provide exceptional customer experiences and drive sustainable growth. Contact us today to learn more about our suite of customer support services.


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