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Top 5 Reasons to Onshore Your Contact Centre Services

As the popularity of contact centres continues to grow among businesses worldwide, it’s essential to consider the benefits of onshore services before choosing your service provider. Although offshore managed services are common for North American businesses, it’s not without risk—issues ranging from data privacy to language barriers have the potential to damage the customer experience. At Line One Contact Centres, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with your customers and safeguarding their information.

Here are our top five reasons to onshore your contact centre services:

Save Money

It goes without saying that the purpose of business is to generate profits. Although offshore contact centres may seem affordable on the surface, the cost of negative customer experiences can have a devastating effect on your business. If you lose customers or fail to gain new ones because of language barriers, technical deficiencies, or long wait times, you may never regain their trust. Security breaches and loss of data while using an offshore provider are also concerns. An onshore contact centre allows you to provide exceptional customer service while protecting both your business and customers from potential security risks.

Integration and Implementation

Partnering with an onshore contact centre allows you to collaborate with an established business that has worked with businesses similar to yours before. This familiarity allows for the seamless integration of tools and technology and efficient implementation of upgrades. With high-level standards, procedures, and guidelines that align with your specific requirements, onshore contact centres such as Line One Contact Centre can provide timely and customer-focused services.

Trends and Technologies

Contact centres that provide omnichannel support are truly at the forefront of the customer experience. By working with an established onshore contact centre, you ensure that your customers are able to access technical support or customer service from any device—in any location. You also have the ability to customize services based on the method of communication that your customer prefers, such as text message, e-mail, phone, or chat support. Advanced technologies and AI are also key benefits of onshore services because they allow you to provide end-to-end omnichannel support to customers at any time of day.

Customer Experience

It’s not uncommon for customers to complain about their experiences communicating with an offshore contact centre. If you've ever been on a customer support call and the agent was unable to understand your issue because of a language barrier, you understand how frustrating the experience can be as a customer. By partnering with an onshore contact centre, you can provide a positive customer experience by enabling them to communicate their questions and concerns effectively.

Customer Retention

When you partner with an offshore contact centre, you risk alienating your customers through a poor customer experience. If customers are unable to effectively communicate their issues or can’t reach support from their mobile device at a convenient time, it can impact their desire to use your products and services. Choosing to work with an onshore contact centre such as Line One Contact Centres enables customers to express their problems and concerns in a way that our technical support or customer service representatives can swiftly action and resolve.

Are you ready to onshore your contact centre services?

Onshoring your managed IT and customer support services to Line One Contact Centres is an ideal way to provide your customers with an exceptional experience—while minimizing risk to their data privacy. To discover more about Line One Contact Centre’s onshore support services, contact us today!


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