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How We Support Tier 1 Operations for a Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer

Updated: May 8

Did you know that contact centres with Tier 1 operations support are a proven way for global businesses to optimize their customers’ experiences? At Line One Contact Centres, we offer a wide variety of services to a diverse range of clientele. One of our longest-running partnerships has been providing Tier 1 operations support for a recreational vehicle manufacturer in Québec City, Québec.

Our partnership has enabled them to achieve customer service targets, optimize operations, and foster close relationships with stakeholders, and customers. Keep reading to discover how our Tier 1 technical support services helped a Canadian manufacturer—and how they can also benefit your business.

Project Summary

For more than five years, our omnichannel contact centre has provided Tier 1 operations support for a Québec City-based recreational vehicle manufacturer. Our support services involve responding to customer calls and providing them with technical assistance. As their global services manager describes:

“Our response rate has definitely increased because of their team’s work. That’s something that’s been keeping the engagement smooth-sailing for the past five years. Line One Contact Centres has always been a good partner to us—they’ve initiated wonderful ideas such as implementing dealer live chat and measuring our net promoter score through our transactional surveys. Their actions mainly lead to our company’s improvement, and that makes us pleased with their work.”

Tier 1 Operations Support

Our support team handles inbound customer calls and provides answers and solutions to basic inquiries and technical concerns. We also identify calls and situations with higher complexity and direct them to the client’s internal customer support teams. We also provide a resolution desk with agents on hand to support more involved customer-centric calls.

Global Coverage and Language Support

One of the greatest advantages of using Line One Contact Centres for Tier 1 operations support is our multi-language customer service. For this client, and many others, we provide technical support in eight different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian. This diversity allows the vehicle manufacturer to provide the same level of service to customers worldwide. The improved communication enhances the customer experience, gives their business an advantage over their competitors, and improves customer loyalty and satisfaction. It also demonstrates to their customers that they care about them by making them comfortable and enabling them to communicate in their native language.

Collaborative Team Composition

Our collaborative team composition means that we are involved at every stage of the project management process. We work with the manufacturer to design the most effective and cost-effective solutions and assign resources and team leaders best-suited for each aspect of the consumer support experience. As the manufacturer’s global services manager remarks:

“[Line One’s] team complements us well by providing productive insights and studying the trends that can help us get better outcomes. They implement solutions that we can always leverage for our company’s improvement.”

To learn more about the success of this partnership, please visit:

Benefits of a Contact Centre for Your Business

  • 24/7 support coverage for your customers

  • Multi-language support for inclusive coverage for customers worldwide

  • Standardized processes to increase efficiencies

  • Minimize in-house technical support requirements

  • Increased productivity and minimized downtime

  • Flexible staffing schedules adjust for peak and slow periods

  • Innovative AI-enhanced support tools

Are you ready to embrace Tier 1 operational support?

As companies around the world embrace digitalization, more businesses than ever are recognizing the benefits of call centre support. From Tier 1 technical support to inbound customer service, Line One Contact Centres is a demonstrated leader in omnichannel support. Our technical services team works with you to design customer support strategies that best meet the needs of your customers as well as the operational objectives of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our operational and technical support solutions.


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