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How AI Can Help Improve Call Centre Performance

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

When businesses strategize about providing optimal customer service, they typically consider objectives like personal communication, individualized service, and a positive customer experience. With artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can adopt more digital-centric models for customer support and adapt to consumers’ changing behaviours and expectations. With modern technology, AI is no longer science fiction, and the practical applications have broad potential—especially as an innovative way to improve call centre performance.

How Can AI Enhance the Customer Experience?

From conversational chatbots to intuitive call routing, AI call centre support provides your customers with reliable and seamless support interactions. With automated and intuitive customer care, AI enables your business to provide customers with an end-to-end experience—where they feel heard, understood, and valued. An example of an AI-enhanced customer interaction is a support call to a mobile phone provider. When the customer listens to the automated prompts and speaks a few key words or phrases, their call is directed to the appropriate support agent through AI technology. For basic questions and FAQs, AI can also provide the customer with immediate resolution—without speaking to a live support agent.

Improve Call Centre Performance with AI

Interactive Chatbots

If your business has a website, conversational chatbots are an innovative way to use AI to enhance call centre performance. Chatbots function as the first line of contact for your customers—they are an excellent way to gather information and quickly direct customers to the appropriate support agent. Chatbots often appear as “pop-ups” that ask customers simple questions like, “Can I help you find anything today?” The answers then pop up as a multiple-choice form for customers to click on. This use of AI allows customers to feel an instant connection and receive personalized support—while enabling the AI to identify the best solution for their request.

Predictive Call Routing

Too often, customer support experiences are damaged by misdirected calls and repeated transfers to different agents looking for a resolution. AI is ideal for call centres because it provides needs-specific call routing by predicting customer concerns and forwarding them to the appropriate support representatives. Customer history details, such as wish lists, favourites, recent purchases, and returns, can also be used by AI to create customer profiles. Similar profiles can also be generated for support agents based on their skills, experience, and call history. AI can then use the data to build customer support knowledge bases or to match agents with specific customer requests—innovations that result in quicker call resolution and enhanced customer interactions.

Omnichannel Support

Social media is an essential part of a business’ online presence because it allows customers to engage with support across multiple platforms. Using features of AI for your call centre services allows customers to have a unified support experience—no matter which platform or app they engage from. This consistency gives customers confidence that your business is organized, cohesive, and well-managed—all traits that enhance customer acquisition and retention. Omnichannel support with AI also benefits your business through data analytics and business intelligence. AI integration allows your business to monitor customer support trends, client behaviours, and customer sentiment—information that can be leveraged to improve products or services and boost marketing opportunities.

Are You Ready to Innovate With Artificial Intelligence?

From managed social media and help desk support to our multi-channel Contact Centre and Service Desk solutions, Line One Contact Centres understand the potential of AI integration. Our extensive customer support experience has enabled us to see firsthand how AI improves call centre performance. Contact us today for more information about our innovative call centre solutions.


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