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5 Key Benefits of an Answering Service

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Today’s customers are looking for quick answers to their questions or concerns. Many of them expect to have their issue dealt with on their first interaction with your customer support team. As technology advances and more businesses adopt fully-automated customer service, more people are seeking a human connection to make them feel heard, valued, and understood. At Line One Contact Centres, we understand the importance of having a live representative on the other end of the line.

Here are five key benefits of hiring an answering service for your inbound customer service:

Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience

The primary benefit of hiring an answering service is providing your customers with outstanding support services. When a customer has an issue with your business, they expect to resolve it as soon as possible. A professional answering service, such as Line One Contact Centres, enables you to provide customers with the support they need any time of day. Live support representatives are trained to listen closely to customer concerns and provide a timely resolution—often on their first call.

Save Money

Hiring a remote answering service allows you to keep your human resource costs down because you can avoid hiring full-time staff to cover inbound customer service calls. In Canada, a full-time customer service representative can cost upwards of $25.00 per hour—and that’s during regular business hours only. When you consider overtime for 24/7 services and the additional cost of keeping your equipment and facilities running after hours, staffing expenses quickly escalate. When you factor in additional employment costs such as benefits, taxes, and pension, hiring an off-site answering service makes financial sense.

Increase Efficiencies and Productivity

Hiring a dedicated answering service to handle your customer service requests allows your business to focus on what it does best—provide customers with the goods and services they need. Customer service is a major part of running a successful business, but dealing with inbound customer support can cause operational and service disruptions for small businesses or those without dedicated support teams. A simplified answering service, such as Line One Contact Centres, allows you to filter, direct, and prioritize calls, while ensuring your day-to-day business operations aren’t interrupted.

Present a Professional Image

Hiring an inbound answering service allows your customers to interact with a live, professional support agent on every call. To your customers, your support services are a direct reflection of your overall business. By hiring a team of experienced customer service representatives through an off-site answering service, you’re positioning your business as one that cares about the needs and concerns of its customers. This customer-centric approach gives your business a professional polish while strengthening customer relationships and long-term retention.

Customize Customer Service

As businesses worldwide look to reduce overhead, many are turning to off-site answering services to streamline their customer support. When you hire in-house customer service agents, you are paying for those resources whether they are receiving calls or not. With an answering service, you can customize your support requirements to meet the exact needs of your business and your customers.

Are you ready to onboard answering services for your business?

At Line One Contact Centres, our low-cost/low-volume approach to customer support is designed specifically for businesses like yours. Our simplified answering services are a cost-effective way to provide a distinct customer experience and tailor-made assistance to your clientele. To learn more about Line One Contact Centre’s range of answering services, contact us today!


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