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When To Outsource Your Business’ Help Desk

Updated: May 8

The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction. When a customer requests support from your business for an issue or question, they expect the experience to be helpful, positive, and result in a timely resolution. For smaller companies, it is common for help desk support to be done internally by a dedicated technical team. But as companies grow larger, it’s also common for their technical support services to lag behind the needs and expectations of their customers.

What are the Benefits of an Outsourced Help Desk?

Outsourcing your help desk services to Line One Contact Centres gives you peace of mind that your business’ inbound customer support requests are handled efficiently—and with customer satisfaction as the top priority. Here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing your help desk support:

1. Consistent and Reliable Technical Support for Every Customer

When you hire an outsourced help desk, you gain access to an entire team of technical support experts who have diverse experience in issue resolution. An outsourced help desk operates within a consistent set of procedures based on your specific requirements and service level agreement. When combined with the availability of highly-trained resources, your customers receive exceptional customer service and an overall positive customer experience on every call.

2. Faster Response Times During High Volume

An outsourced help desk is ideal for periods of high volume or when there is an issue that affects multiple customers at the same time. An external help desk can scale to the level of volume received—helping to ensure minimal wait times and that customer issues are resolved quickly—on the first call. Efficient high-volume response improves customer satisfaction because they avoid long wait times and dropped calls.

3. Internal IT Can Focus on Operational Support

Outsourcing help desk functions enables your internal technical teams to focus on supporting business operations. When internal teams are responsible for both internal and external support requests, it can be an overwhelming burden on their time and resources. When customer support issues are funnelled to external support, internal agents can focus their attention on internal operational issues. Customers, meanwhile, have a superior support experience because they engage with agents dedicated to resolving their issues.

4. Lower Operational Costs

It can be expensive for your business to have an internal support team for external customer support queries. Depending on the size of your company and the volume of customer requests it receives, internal support can also take resources away from other essential business functions. With 24/7 external help desk services, you also avoid the high-cost of overtime for providing internal customer support outside of regular business hours.

A help desk such as Line One Contact Centres allows businesses of any size to outsource all or a portion of their technical support services. This external support model is growing in popularity because it allows businesses to customize their levels of support they provide and scale to handle the success and growth of their companies.

Are you ready to outsource your help desk?

Outsourcing your help desk services to Line One Contact Centres is an ideal way to save money on technical support while providing your customers with an exceptional experience. As customer expectations change, their satisfaction is key to their recurring business. To learn more about Line One Contact Centre’s help desk support services, contact ustoday!


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